• September 3, 2020

7 Important tips to keep in mind while selecting the right closet

Creating a custom closet is not only about the resale value; it’s about designing a space which is perfect for you.

When we think of remodeling of our bedrooms, one things which strikes the most of the attention is to choose the right closet for the room. A closet is not only a space to store clothes, accessories or shoes, but it is also a space which makes the room more elegant with its unique design. The closet that we choose should be durable, convenient as well as adaptable for its usage. This is the reason, it is always a better move to ask for the professional guidance to install the closets which suits best for our homes. Closet organizers in Brampton goes through an in-detailed research to provide us with the best closet designs that are not only best in designs but are also best for our needs and requirements.

In order to find the best closet design or redesign the closet; we have listed below some of the major points that you must consider before finalising the closet design for your space.

Keep ‘space’ in mind

The first and foremost thing which you should consider is to look out for the space. How much area do you need install the closet. Also you must know how much space you have to provide to the elements that needs to be added in the closets like clothes, shoes, accessories or any designer items that you want to add in there. Always keep extra space for the items which will be added in the future.

Which closet you want to install 

After you know the space you require to install the closet, you must know which design will suit the area. Whether you want to install a walk-in closet or a reach-in; you must decide it beforehand.

Seasonal storage for seasonal clothes 

In case you are short of space; then you must consider seasonal storage for the seasonal clothes. Make your of baskets or bins to store the clothing which are not required for the present season. This will not only make space for your clothes but will also make your closet an organised look.

Separate the sides for shareable area 

You must make noticeable sides in order to eliminate the confusion of the items, or mixing the items with your partner. Men’s clothing requires less space than the women clothing. So, you must consider all the sizes and shapes before separating the sides for both.

Know which space should store which item

 It is very important to efficiently make use of the closet space for each of the item to be added in it. Drawers should be installed in a lower height so that they are easily approachable, Daily or common wear items should be placed where they can be reached out easily. Least used items can be placed in the lower sections.

Adding lights 

Lights play a key role in your homes. Adding light in the closets not just makes it easy for you to find the stuff but it also enhances the appearance of the closet. You can add LED-lights inside the doors of the closets to make it look more appealing or you can also add external hanging lights to add a classy look in your room.

Limit the drawers 

Adding too many drawers can ruin the look of your closet. you must limit the number of drawers as much as it is possible. Instead of drawers you can install two-fold shelves which also takes less space as compared to that of the drawers.


It is obviously not an easy task to redesign your closets. This is why it is always a better to move to choose professionals do this for you. At Singh Kitchen, we have the best closet designers in Brampton; who not only make your closet look spacious but also enhance the appearance of the whole room with their excellent designing ideas. Hope before finalising the best closet for your home, you will consider the above-mentioned points for your ease.