4 Things to consider before finalizing the perfect bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities serve as the center of attraction of the bathrooms. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials which adds a spark in the overall look of the bathroom. However, the task of selecting the most appropriate bathroom vanity can be daunting. In order to make it much easier for you, it is always a good move to ask for professional help just like Singh Kitchen, who holds expertise in customizing bathroom vanities in Mississauga with their artistic and creative minds.

But before you finalize the perfect fit for your bathroom, you must consider the following points while choosing the ideal bathroom vanity for your home. Let us have a glimpse of these important factors now.

Look out for the size

Choosing the right size of the bathroom vanity is quite important especially if your bathroom is small or has less space. Whether you want to install a tiny vanity or an oversized one, you must first consider the size of the vanity you are about to install in your bathroom. Most common widths of the bathroom vanities are 24″, 36″, 48″, and so on. Choosing the size which matches your bathroom environment as well as your height is very important. You definitely don’t want that the vanity you choose looks awful when installed.

Select the type of mounting

You should always look for the type of mounting which you want for the vanities. Be it be free-standing, placing in the corner of the floating one; selecting the right kind of mounting will make it look more unique and well-placed.
Freestanding vanities: These are the most common and popular vanity style that most of the people install in the bathrooms. This type of vanities includes more space for storing things beneath the sink providing you with a complete organized look.
Floating vanities: As the name suggests, these types of vanities are mounted directly to the wall with open space under the sink. They are somewhat similar to freestanding vanities in terms of storage.
Corner vanities: In case you have a small bathroom, corner vanities are the best choice to opt for as they save a lot of space in the kitchen. They are also flexible according to the layout of the bathroom.

Find out the place for plumbing

Plumbing is that part of your bathroom which decides where the vanity is about to be installed. It includes huge cost and time to make any changes in the plumbing, so it is always suggested to find out the place for plumbing beforehand.


It is always important to look for the storage that you want to include in the vanity. Bigger the storage area is, bigger space you have to store things. But before finalizing the bathroom vanity, you must consider the limitation of the storage as well, like you might not include more than three columns of drawers or shelves. So, it is always a good move to keep in mind the area where you are installing the vanity.

Materials to be used

There are a variety of materials available in the market ranging from wood to stone to glass. You must choose the material which is durable as well as is easy to clean. Choosing a material that is moisture-resistant is very important for the bathrooms. You also need to select the material which not only looks good but also matches the surrounding of the bathroom. You also need to consider the material of the countertop which you will be installing with the bathroom vanity.

Sink Style

Well, it must be a great effort to choose the faucets and the taps of the vanity but don’t forget to choose the style of the sink you want to install. You must ensure to carefully consider which design you want your sink to be. The sink is the main element of the bathroom and if not selected according to the bathroom environment then, it can totally ruin the outlook of the bathroom. Not only the style but it is also important to look for the size of the sink that you are willing to install in the bathroom.


There are many factors which you need to look for while remodeling the home. Your bathroom space needs to be relaxing, soothing as well as attractive; so to ful fills these requirements, you must consider the above-mentioned factors before finalizing the bathroom vanities. It is always a good move to ask for professional advice as they are well-versed with the trending designs and materials. Singh Kitchen’s well-experienced experts, help you find the suitable bathroom vanity designs for your bathroom at affordable price.